CBD Plantation

Plantage | Marry Jane - Finest Swiss Cannabis

All CBD flowers come from our own production and were bred in Switzerland. Our plant is one of the most modern and sustainable CBD plantations in Switzerland.

Sodium high-pressure lamps hang at regular intervals and irradiate our CBD plants. The plants are stored in stainless steel containers in a clinical room with aluminium walls. The room may only be entered with appropriate protective clothing. We adhere to strict hygiene regulations so that everything stays germ-free, which is why we have had an industrial floor installed.

We work with air-conditioning technology (CO2Grow), fresh air does not get into the boxes, all climate conditions are regulated automatically. In several places we have placed displays indicating temperature and humidity.

Plantage | Marry Jane - Finest Swiss Cannabis

Marry Jane – Finest Swiss Cannabis CBD Plantation
On the roof there are photovoltaic systems; on sunny days the plantation is almost exclusively operated by solar power. We also keep the potentially high waterless content low thanks to a sustainable system. The evaporated water is collected in huge canisters and then reused.