CBD Production

We – Marry Jane – produce the highest quality CBD cannabis and CBD oil for distributors throughout Europe.

We meet the increasing demands of the rapidly developing cannabinoid market with the highest processing quality.

Marry Jane lays the high-quality foundation for a diverse and rich CBD product world. The Swiss company produces and sells cannabis, concentrates and cuttings in best quality. We offer a wide range of CBD cannabis and CBD oil with THC values of <0.2%.

Packaged CBD oil, cannabis and CBD products are sold in the online shop throughout Europe to retailers.

We attach great importance to reproducible production processes and use them at all stages of processing. This means that in the cultivation, processing and manufacture of the products, we ensure compliance with the highest quality criteria.

In this way we ensure our customers high-quality and standardised products, such as oils and tea, which meet all the demands of demand and the market.

All CBD flowers originate from our own production and were grown in Switzerland. The production facility is one of the most modern and sustainable CBD plantations in Switzerland.

Experts emphasise that origin and brand quality are decisive criteria in the CBD market. Residue-free organic products with certificates of analysis or purity are to be preferred. In addition, standardisation to CBD is essential for products.