CBD Clones

White Widow | OG Kush | Power Plant

AmountPrice per clone
50 – 149CHF 10.00
150 – 500CHF 8.00
500 – 1’000CHF 7.00
1’000+CHF 6.00

We sell cannabis clones for both commercial and private use.

Please note that the commercial use of our seeds may only be carried out under artificial light (“indoor”) with the exclusion of daylight. Our seeds should not be used in agriculture (for example in the greenhouse with daylight or in the open field). Further information on hemp cultivation can be found in the corresponding leaflet of the Federal Office of Agriculture.

The cuttings usually have to be pre-ordered and paid for, and can be picked up at one of our stores or, if agreed, delivered from a certain amount.

We point out that the cultivation of hemp in certain cantons is notifiable. We recommend that you inform yourself before cultivation.

If you are interested please send us a message!

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